Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's another word for update?

Gimme a break, titles are hard.

Next week starts my last week of work at my happy little outpatient mental health center. When I gave notice a few weeks back, I completely broke down during the conversation with my boss. I have poured my heart and soul into this job. And I have had the opportunity to treat myself to some of the most amazing lunch breaks of my career.

I have no idea how I could ever capture this experience somewhere else.

Time marches on. I will find something that brings me great joy in the future. I have to tell myself this over and over to avoid feeling swallowed up by the great, black unknown.

One thing I have decided-if it feels like shit, run in the opposite direction. I had a phone interview that made me feel like shit and I'm not pursuing it. It was not in behavioral health care and it wasn't terrible but it wasn't that typical feeling mommydawg gets when it's meant to be. A feeling that maybe only complete and total flakes like myself feel. Something akin to the stars being in perfect alignment, or the sum of the numbers on my social security card adding up to the address of the future job's headquarters, or some other eerily similar detail that I invent.

C'mon, you know you do that shit too. Everyone does. Everyone looks for similarities, things we share in common with the things we really want.


Sidenote: Blogger NOW will autosave your post as you type it. This is genius. Thank you, Blogger. You read my mind.


Carl Hiaasen writes a very sharp column for the Miami Herald. It's really just Florida news, but Florida is blessed to have such a great journalist and author exposing it's sordid details and making art of it all. If you haven't read any of his books yet, not only should you, but you should also just read one or two of his columns to get a flavor for his attitude and his stance on things. He's definitely one of the good guys. And then you should rush out and get one of his books. They are kind of a quick, easy read but incredibly entertaining without being...I don't know...commercial-novel fluff.


So yeah, we're moving. And this takes a lot of figuring out, but we're getting there.


Next time-pics. I am on the wrong laptop and it's not configured to share files with the other laptop. Which husband is playing Boggle on at the moment. He's sitting next to me finishing a bowl of ice cream. I am finishing a glass of Pinot Grigio. The baby is sleeping. Sadie is talking on the phone. Life is good.


~Free said...

I am all about the stars aligning. Personally, I describe the "knowing" as an internal arrow - a glowing flourescent one... I can feel the warmth and what it's pointing toward. Sometimes it takes quite a while for that arrow to appear, and you just have to wait. And that's fine too ... even if you are stuck waiting in the black uknown, there will be the proper direction that shows itself, eventually.

mommydawg said...

It's come almost full circle for me. I used to ONLY be about alignment of the stars to the point that I lived my life passively, experienced life by accident. I got burned too many times. I got cold and cynical. I no longer went with gut instinct, only with a cold calculations. That didn't work too well either.

Now I feel more like a ship, sails strong, and the captain more experienced with navigating the waters and the wind.

~Free said...

That is so freaking cool, Liz. It takes an extraordinary person to balance intuition, experience, and action. If you can strike that balance (and I think we both have! that's right; I'm calling myself extraordinary, too)you will have a GOOD LIFE.

mommydawg said...

Free, can I just say that you always have been, and always will be,The Bomb? Thank you for the massive amounts of support since we reconnected. I just hope I don't fail miserably at being a good friend back to you.

jean said...

I am just seeing this now. Puleeze, Liz... you have too many insecurities about being a good friend to me. I hope that you have no guilt about our relationship in our "past life" because I had nothing but love for you then, and now I can add respect, admiration, trust... the list goes on.